Dress Code

Students at Endeavor Elementary must follow all dress code rules set forth in the OCPS Code of Conduct.

Some of the guidelines to follow when choosing your student's wardrobe include:

  • Shirts must cover the entire abdomen even when the child's arms are raised.
  • Shirts must cover the entire shoulder - straps over the shoulder should be at least 4 fingers wide.
  • Clothing should be clean and neat and be without holes.
  • Clothing should not contain any messages, wording, or pictures that would be considered rude or offensive. Remember that we are an elementary school, and 5th graders will be seen by kindergarters daily.
  • Shoes must have straps. Backless shoes and flip flops are not allowed to be worn to school. On days a child has PE or recess, sneakers are the safest shoes for them to wear.