Thank you for entrusting your child's education to Endeavor Elementary School. We look forward to a productive and happy school experience.

Tips for a positive school experience:

  • Be sure your child goes to bed early and gets a good night sleep.
  • Leave plenty of time in the morning for a good breakfast. Little bodies need fuel to get the day started right.
  • Have your child to school on time. Instruction begins promptly at 8:45 am.
  • When your child gets home, ask him/her about the school day. Listen to what they tell you. Ask questions about what they learned and be excited when they can show you a new skill.
  • Set aside a specific time and place for homework. Help your child with things they do not understand, but be sure they are doing the work.
  • Show your child how the things they are learning are used in everyday life. Use math at the grocery store or in a restaurant, read a map together when you go somewhere new, talk about the different flowers, animals, or trees you see when you are outside.