3rd Grade Curriculum At A Glance


Reading skills are taught and practiced for 90 minutes every day. The reading skills that are taught are based off the Florida State Standards. Students will be assessed weekly on these standards as well as vocabulary. Students will have reading homework almost every day along with monthly reading logs.

Reading Skills

  • Text Organization, Central Message, Theme, Making Generalizations, Analyzing Characters, Drawing Conclusions, Sequencing, Making Inferences, Comparing & Contrasting, Story Structure, Making Judgments, Text Features, Connecting Illustrations to text, Point of View


    Writing/Language Arts

    Written communication skills are strongly emphasized in the third grade. Informative, opinion, and narrative writing will be worked on throughout the year, and mastering grammar conventions will be one of our goals this year. Students will be given writing prompts monthly.

    Language Arts / Writing Skills:

  • Narrative, Expository and Opinion Writing
  • paragraph structure, writing with supporting evidence and elaboration
  • Grammar – Sentence formation, correct punctuation, grade level grammar




Math skills are taught and practiced for 60 minutes every day. The math skills that are taught are based off the Florida State Standards and will be assessed weekly on these standards. Third grade students are expected to be fluent with their multiplication facts. Students will be tested on these facts until they prove they are multiplication masters!

Math skills:

Pre-Algebra, Word Problems, Fractions, Geometry, Cubes strategy, Multiplication facts, Reasonableness of Answers


Science & Social Studies

Science and social studies will both be integrated in reading and language arts. Projects will be completed throughout the year for both subjects



  Scientific Process, Earth and Space, Living Organisms, Matter, Energy


Social Studies

  • US Regions / States, Citizenship, Current Events, North America, Maps, Multicultural (Asia)


FSA Assessments:


This will be students’ first year taking the Florida State Assessment in reading and math. These standardized tests assess the students on all of the third grade math and English language arts standards. The FSA is graded on a 5 point scale, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. A score of 3 is passing, if students score a 1 on the FSA English language arts they can be in jeopardy of retention.