Who to Contact

Who to Contact at Endeavor Elementary?

Questions about Registration/Attendance?

Mrs.  Zaritza Gotay-Ortiz
407-251-2560 Ext. 3332232
[email protected]

Questions for the school nurse?

School Nurse
407-251-2560, Ext. 3332229

Problems or concerns with your child's lunch account?

407-251-2560 Ext. 3332226

Questions about the Media Center or lost library books?

Media Center
407-251-2560 Ext. 3332227

Questions about IEPs or Section 504 plans?

Mrs. Toledo
407-251-2560 Ext. 3332233
[email protected] 

Questions about ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)?

Mrs. Zupa
407-251-2560 Ext. 3332296
[email protected] 

Questions for the Guidance Counselor?

Mrs. Blair
407-251-2560 Ext. 3332225
[email protected]