Kindergarten Supply List

2021-2022 Endeavor Elementary Kindergarten Supply List

Item Needed

Item Description

Amount Needed

Labeled/Not Labeled



Crayola Brand

  • 24 pack (2)

2 Packages Total

Not Labeled



Crayola Brand Washable Markers,

  • Classic Colors only, Broad Line Tip

1 Package

Not Labeled



Number 2 Lead Pencils (any brand)

  • sharpened

2 Packages

Not Labeled



Fiskars Blunt Tip


1 Pair



*Glue Sticks

Elmer’s Glue Sticks

4-12 Sticks

Not Labeled


Liquid Glue Bottle

Elmer’s School Glue

1 small bottle

Not Labled


Copy Paper

Ream - Copy paper

Any Brand

1 Ream Packages

Not Labeled


Index Cards

1 package

3x5 Size



*Dry Erase Markers

Expo Brand


1 Package

Not Labeled




On-ear headphones (any brand)

No earbuds

1 pair

Labeled with student’s name


*Primary Journal

Journal with Picture Shape at the Top and Writing Lines Below

  • Can be found at Walmart/Office depot

4 Journals

Not Labeled



20 or 30 Pack


Not Labeled


Three-ring binder with pockets, white, Clear view cover

1 (1 1/2 inch) binder

Labeled with child’s name on the inside cover


Girls only—Gallon size, zipper lock bag (Any brand)


Boys only– Quart size zipper lock bag (Any Brand)

1 Large box


1 Large box

Not Labeled

Baby Wipes

*Disinfecting Wipes

Boys only– Any Brand


Girls Only—Any Brand

1 Large box


1 Large Container

Not Labeled

*Facial Tissue

Any Brand

1 Large box

Not Labeled


Any Brand

  • No wheels (falling hazard)


1 Student backpack



Labeled with your student’s name.

Large enough to fit binders and all school items in please!

*Complete Change of Clothes

Top, Bottom, Socks, & Underwear

-NO sneakers/sandals

Kept in your child’s backpack




Place all items, except clothing and backpack, in a large bag(s) labeled with your child’s name.


Bring the supplies to Meet Your Teacher Night in August 2021